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Facts about Nepal:
22 million
Total Land Area: 147881 Sq. meters.
Capital: Kathmandu
Language & Nationality: Nepali
Religions: Buddhism & Hinduism
Human life expectancy: 58 years (men), 57 years (women)
Main productions: Rice and Jute
Money: Rupees
Average annual income: US$ 220
International dialing code: 977
Capital (Kathmandu city) code: 1
International Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport.
Air port code: KTM
Katmandu’s elevation: 1300 meter from sea level
Internet domain: np, Total Districts: 75, Total Zones: 14,
Land touched neighborhood countries: (Tibet) China & India.

Nepal is a kingdom in the Himalayas. It lies between two big countries, India & China. The total area of Nepal is 147881 sq.Km with an East to West length of about 800Km. and a North to South width of about 90-230Km. Nepal is located 26˚ 26’ north – 30˚ 26’ north latitude & 80˚ 03’ east – 88˚ 15’ west longitude. The elevation of Nepal starts at 70m above sea level and ends with Mt. Everest at 8848m. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and has a population of about 22 million people. Education is not compulsory here so only 40% of the population is literate. The primary religions in Nepal are Hinduism & Buddhism. There are also some Muslims & Christians. There are more than 40 different ethnic groups in Nepal, each having their own dialect & cultural. Nepal has a constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy.

Why travel in Nepal?
Culture & History:
Because Nepal has more than 40 different ethnic groups. It is very rich in cultures & history. You can spend a week easily just in Kathmandu looing at the art & architechture of places like the Monkey temple, Bauddhanath (Little Tibet) the great Hidutemple of Pashupatinath, Kathmandu darwar Square, Patan darwar Squae, Bhaktapur Darwar Square, Freek Street and Thamel. You can also go to Nagarkot about 15km. from Kahtmandu to see the sunrise or sunset and the panoramic mountain views. You can visit any of these places by ourself or u can hire a professional tour guide for around 20$-30$/day.

Nepal is very rich in cultures and history where more than 40 different ethnic people are living. They have there own culture and mother tongue. Kathmandu Valley was settled by the Newar people from ancient time but now every one is settling here, so it is becoming very crowded. Though it is crowded, you can pend a week very easily just in Kathmandu visiting the Monkey Temple, Bauddhanath (Little Tibet), Great Hindu Temple Pashupati Nath, Kathmandu Darwar Square, Freak street, Patan Darwar Square, Bhaktapur Darwar Square, Tibetan Carpet Factory, Patan Handicraft industries, Buddhist Paintings (Thanka) at Bauddhan and of course shopping in Thamel for good bargains. You may go to Nagarkot which is about 15km. from Kathmandu city and you can see the sunrise or sunset and the panoramic mountain views. You can visit those places by yourself but if you want to know real stories about these places you may hire a professional tour guide for one or two days paying $20 to $30 for a day.

ii) Natural beauty and warm hospitality: Nepal’s varied elevation allows you to experience that flate land of the terai to the mountainous region of Himalayas. Nepal is the most famous country in the world for mountain climbing. Even though thousands of people come to Nepal to see or climbing Mt. Everest. There are many other beautiful mountains like Nuputse, Lotse, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu etc. NepalNepal is by white water rafting. The Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Kaligandi and Bhotekoshi rivers are some of the best rivers for rafting seems to adventurous, try a jungle safari to Chitwan National Park. There you can stay in lodges and go on a nature walk, ride flat bottomed canoes or take a ride on an elephant to look for other wildlife in the park.

iii) Inexpensive: Nepal’s economy market is inexpensive for tourists. Kathmandu Valley has many guest houses and hotels. Five star Hotels will cost around $100-$150 US$ per night. Budget hotel around Thamel will cost $7 to $ 10 per night. For meals, $5 to $10 for din ner including a couple of San Miguel or Carlsberg beers.

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